Reveals: Chanel Brooches & Slingbacks

Chanel accessories can be so pricy for costume jewellery but I get a lot of wear out of my Chanel brooches which helps reduce the cost-per-wear of these brooches I added a few months back (but only managed to take pictures of recently).


I also added these slingbacks. I only managed to pick them up at the third Chanel boutique (Avenue Montaigne) I visited. For some reason, everyone and their mother was buying these slingbacks in Paris.

Would have preferred a colourway with some contrast (like the beige and black ones) but I would really wear the black ones more. Sizewise, they fit true. I am a 37.5 in Chanel ballerinas and took the same size for these.


Reveals: Glossier Generation G

A little late to the Glossier bandwagon but they recently restocked Generation G in all colours. Glossier does not ship internationally (yet) so I used my usual forwarder to ship my order to me in Singapore. Shipping within the US took 10 days despite the expected 5-8 days delivery timeline. My order came with super cute stickers which I promptly stuck on my phone cover!


Here’s my incredibly noob attempt at swatches of the Glossier Generation G colours. The colours from top to bottom are Like, Cake, Crush and Jam.


It feels very much like a tinted balm. The coverage is sheer but buildable. Crush and Jam are definitely much darker and you don’t really need to put on that many layers. Lip colours tend to be quite high maintenance – I always feel the need to check to see if there are smudges after eating and/or drinking. With these, I didn’t feel the need to do so. In particular, I liked Like and Cake for a casual “no-makeup” look on weekends.

I also ordered the milky jelly cleanser which smells like a thousand roses! It was absolutely glorious and I would definitely order it again.

If you are new to Glossier, you can get 20% off your first Glossier order by using my referral link here!

Reveals: Chanel RTW Sale Purchases Part 2

See Part 1 here. I was on my lunch break and thought I’ll just pop by Chanel to look at the sale items.


I tried this top with the matching skirt and thought it was such a cute outfit. I like how it can be worn together as a set or with other pieces which makes it a lot more versatile. The skirt also has pockets which I also love so I bought the top and the matching skirt (sorry bank account).


Here are some pictures of the top and the skirt from the past weekend!




Travel: Singapore Airlines Business Class Book the Cook

This is what I ordered through Book the Cook option available on Business Class during our recent trip to London:


SUPPER : Chargrilled soya beef

The starter was a prawn salad. I don’t eat prawns but the pomelo was very refreshing. I also had garlic bread which is always good.


From the name of the dish, I expected more of a soya sauce flavour to the beef so I thought that was lacking. I probably wouldn’t order this again.


BREAKFAST : Fish congee

This does not look like much but this was my favourite dish. There’s nothing quite like porridge to warm your stomach during a long flight. The fish was firm and fresh and the condiments of ginger, spring onions and shallots made for a very tasty porridge. I will definitely order this again.



LUNCH : Lobster thermidor with asparagus and potatoes

The starter was beef and chicken satay which was very good.


The lobster is a very popular dish and frequently recommended on travel forums. The dish itself is fine and they are generous with the serving size. I did think it was too heavy for a long plane ride where you will sit and watch movies for hours and partake of no physical activity whatsoever.


BREAKFAST : Pad thai noodles

I pre-ordered this but was still very full from the Lobster and did not eat it so no picture of said pad thai noodles.

SNACK: Instant noodles

Of course, as I did not eat my pad thai, I got quite hungry after and ordered instant noodles as a snack. Say what you must about instant noodles, but they really do hit the spot when one is hungry. The instant noodles was topped with meat and vegetables which made it nominally healthier.


So much is said about the Singapore Airlines Business Class product. I really do think it is excellent. The seats are large and roomy and fold down to a flat bed which makes for very good sleep. I slept an uninterrupted 6 hours on our way to London and arrived feeling extremely rested. You will also receive a fast track pass upon arrival in Heathrow which allows you to clear immigration through the special fast track lane which is just the best!