What fits in a Hermes Evelyne TPM

The  Husband was very sweet and picked this Evelyne TPM while he was in Zurich. I had been looking for one for some time with no success.


The Evelyne TPM/ Mini Evelyne/  Evelyne 16 is the smallest size for Evelyne. While small, it definitely fits the essentials – a cardholder, mobile phone, sunglasses.


It would fit a long wallet such as the Bearn but it will be a bit of a squeeze. You can see how the Bearn sticks out just a little in the picture below.



This has quickly become one of my most frequently used Hermes bags. The cross body strap makes it so functional and keeps your hands free while you are out and about.   Because of its size and light weight, it is also great to pack for travels. I usually pack it in my backpack which I use as a carry on luggage. You know you are getting old when you forgo larger (i.e. heavier) bags for their smaller counterparts!

The Moynat Rejane – Size Comparison between Moynat Rejane 30 and Hermes Kelly 28

The Moynat Rejane comes in three sizes – the mini, the 26 and the 30. This is the 30 in Petrol Blue. Moynat does great seasonal colours so it is always good to check with them on stock availability. They are very responsive through emails and the service is impeccable. I purchased my Rejane through email and got it shipped from Paris to Singapore.

I thought it would be good to do a size comparison between the Moynat Rejane and the Hermes Kelly since both are top handle bags. I always assumed that the Kelly was the smaller bag so I was surprised to see that the Kelly 28 is actually slightly taller than the Rejane 30 when the bags are placed side by side. The Rejane is much wider – as seen from the front and profile and can definitely fit more than the Kelly.

The Kelly fits a book, Hermes Bearn wallet, sunglasses case, cardholder, mobile phone and lipstick. The Rejane fits all of the above and a Hermes cashmere shawl. That said, I really would not over-stuff either bag as it would end up being very heavy and difficult to access.

The Rejane 30 is perfect when you don’t want to carry something too recognisable. The Moynat bags are made in their Atelier in Paris and I would say the leather quality is on par with Hermes. I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of buying a Moynat Rejane!