Reveals: Old Navy Cropped Button-Back Tank

I love gingham and this was too cute to resist! I also added the matching shorts here. It is such a fun weekend outfit that I may have worn it for two consecutive weekends since I received it!

I really like the button back details for the top and it definitely feels more expensive than what I paid for it. Here’s hoping Old Navy will make this same tank in black and white. It would make such a great basic tank. The shorts are pretty comfortable too but I don’t like that there is an elastic backing on the shorts. Good thing the top is long enough to cover the elastic backing of the shorts so I’m not too fussed about it.

Old Navy Cropped Button-Back Tank

I also picked up the cropped trousers here in Navy which looks very cute with the top. The price point is so excellent. The cropped trousers work very well for work and I’ve already worn them twice! All in all, I am very happy with this order.

The Moynat Rejane – Size Comparison between Moynat Rejane 30 and Hermes Kelly 28

The Moynat Rejane comes in three sizes – the mini, the 26 and the 30. This is the 30 in Petrol Blue. Moynat does great seasonal colours so it is always good to check with them on stock availability. They are very responsive through emails and the service is impeccable. I purchased my Rejane through email and got it shipped from Paris to Singapore.

I thought it would be good to do a size comparison between the Moynat Rejane and the Hermes Kelly since both are top handle bags. I always assumed that the Kelly was the smaller bag so I was surprised to see that the Kelly 28 is actually slightly taller than the Rejane 30 when the bags are placed side by side. The Rejane is much wider – as seen from the front and profile and can definitely fit more than the Kelly.

The Kelly fits a book, Hermes Bearn wallet, sunglasses case, cardholder, mobile phone and lipstick. The Rejane fits all of the above and a Hermes cashmere shawl. That said, I really would not over-stuff either bag as it would end up being very heavy and difficult to access.

The Rejane 30 is perfect when you don’t want to carry something too recognisable. The Moynat bags are made in their Atelier in Paris and I would say the leather quality is on par with Hermes. I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of buying a Moynat Rejane!





Reveals: Le Specs Cleopatra and Hey Macarena


I picked these up from here and here. Ordinarily, I would have picked them up from Net-a-Porter or Shopbop (yay 3 day international shipping). However, due to currency exchange and the low AUD, the price I paid in AUD ordering direct from Le Specs was significantly lower than the price I would have paid in USD.

Le Specs also offers free international shipping for purchases of AUD100. Delivery was fairly quick. It was shipped out on Monday and I received it by Friday in the same week.

The Cleopatra is from the luxe collection and costs almost double of the Hey Macarena which is from the normal collection. Quality wise, they seem pretty on par. Packaging wise, the Cleopatra comes in a white protective box and fabric pouch while the Hey Macarena comes with just a canvas protective pouch.

They fit pretty well and the price point is really good especially if you do not want to spend too much on a fun pair of sunglasses.

Reveals: Nike Leather Classic Ultra Trainers

DSCF6543It is pretty obvious that I have been obsessed with white sneakers.

Before the husband bought me these Feiyues, I got myself these Nikes for an upcoming trip. Purchases always seems slightly more justifiable that way.

Some initial thoughts – love the clean white leather with the perforated Nike swoosh and the contrast black stitching. They did feel a little stiff the first time I wore them. Hopefully, the leather will soften with some wear.

Reveals: Pedder Red Jess Camouflage Leather Pumps


Pedder Red makes a contemporary range of shoes under the Pedder Group. I actually bought my very sparkly wedding shoes for Pedder Red some years back because I didn’t want to spend too much money on a pair which I potentially would never re-wear again.Those shoes have only seen the light of day once since the wedding day.

During one particularly idle weekday lunch, I chanced upon the store display and was instantly drawn to these sparkly camouflage pumps. It is a classic pump but the print makes it so fun. I also added this pair because everybody needs another pair of black patent flats.

What I really like about both pairs are their leather and rubber soles. They feel extremely sturdy and grip well to the ground. As much as I love me some glorious leather soles, they don’t grip as well and always make me feel paranoid that I slip and fall. I usually have the cobbler add rubber soles to them.

Reveals: Feiyue White Sneakers

We wrote about Feiyue here some years ago. Since then, the husband has consistently added to his Feiyue collection as they are extremely affordable and comfortable.

I have been wanting to add some white sneakers to my collection. During our recent taobao haul, the husband picked this pair for me for a mere SGD7. It really doesn’t get any more affordable than that! I will attest to the fact that they are really comfortable and I find myself looking forward to the weekend so I can wear them again!