Reveals: Nike Leather Classic Ultra Trainers

DSCF6543It is pretty obvious that I have been obsessed with white sneakers.

Before the husband bought me these Feiyues, I got myself these Nikes for an upcoming trip. Purchases always seems slightly more justifiable that way.

Some initial thoughts – love the clean white leather with the perforated Nike swoosh and the contrast black stitching. They did feel a little stiff the first time I wore them. Hopefully, the leather will soften with some wear.

Reveals: Pedder Red Jess Camouflage Leather Pumps


Pedder Red makes a contemporary range of shoes under the Pedder Group. I actually bought my very sparkly wedding shoes for Pedder Red some years back because I didn’t want to spend too much money on a pair which I potentially would never re-wear again.Those shoes have only seen the light of day once since the wedding day.

During one particularly idle weekday lunch, I chanced upon the store display and was instantly drawn to these sparkly camouflage pumps. It is a classic pump but the print makes it so fun. I also added this pair because everybody needs another pair of black patent flats.

What I really like about both pairs are their leather and rubber soles. They feel extremely sturdy and grip well to the ground. As much as I love me some glorious leather soles, they don’t grip as well and always make me feel paranoid that I slip and fall. I usually have the cobbler add rubber soles to them.

Reveals: Feiyue White Sneakers

We wrote about Feiyue here some years ago. Since then, the husband has consistently added to his Feiyue collection as they are extremely affordable and comfortable.

I have been wanting to add some white sneakers to my collection. During our recent taobao haul, the husband picked this pair for me for a mere SGD7. It really doesn’t get any more affordable than that! I will attest to the fact that they are really comfortable and I find myself looking forward to the weekend so I can wear them again!