Reveals: Jack Spade Seersucker Small Folder Messenger

Behold my new bag.

I am the boy. This is a gift from the girl.

This is my new fascination with Jack Spade.

I wish we get more of this here rather than a tiny corner in an already small Kate Spade store at Raffles City. A pilgrimage to the Jack Spade store in Manila last month ended up in disappointment because I was 3 months late. The store had closed for good. Now, visiting the next nearest store in Asia involves buying a ticket to Japan. Not a very cost effective idea.

However, online shopping never fails. We bought this Seersucker messenger at Jack Spade’s webstore with a really good discount.

But no wonder that it is going cheap. With winter arriving and seersuckers are such faux pas during winter, we, located in the tropics; experiencing 365 days of summer get these things for cheap and look great in the process of buying good bargains.

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