Reveals: Hermes Collier De Chien Ring in Black

Strange how the mechanics of how this world works.

Just when I thought that it is impossible to find a CDC ring in the store, I found it for sale in the Hermes store located at the Bangkok airport that very same morning.

A pity they had it in only one colour, black. But nonetheless, I bought what I could get my hands on. And was Jo super happy to see the orange.

So here is me wearing the CDC ring on my pinky. It still is the cutest thing ever.

8 thoughts on “Reveals: Hermes Collier De Chien Ring in Black

  1. hi! i googled the CDC ring and came here. may i know how much you bought it for or even better, if you’d know the price in a singaporean boutique? sorry if this is a bit presumptuous/random, and thanks in advance!

    1. Hey it’s ok that you ask. I bought this in Bangkok for Jo for about $400 Singapore dollars. It retails in Singapore for about the same price. But I couldn’t get the right size for Jo in the Singapore boutiques. Sales person at Hermes tells me this ring moves quite fast in the store.

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