Reveals: Longchamp Passport Holder


Falling in love should be like polaroids.

Jo and I spend our weekends sleeping in almost all the time. This is the bane of being such busy normal working people. We get tired at the end of a work week.

But on one unlikely Saturday, we were in town for something I can’t quite remember. But I do recall it as a super fruitful day of shopping.

Jo bought a pair of black heels which are never available in Ferragamo, and I bought this, a Longchamp passport holder.

It was by chance that we were walking pass the Longchamp counter at Takashimaya. Jo with a keen eye for details spotted this.

We stopped to look. They come in various colours but this orange shade stuck out as the one I liked best.

It was instant.

We bought it.

Am superbly pleased with it. It keeps my passport and cards in place much like how I want it to be. I’ve used it once going to Manila and it works great. And the most surprising bit is that its so inexpensive.

Awesome day it was!

Edit: Jo says it was my birthday that was why we were in town.

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