Reveals: Hermes Reversible Belt

The story of Christmas Hermes one is a short tale spanning 3 borders.

Bought in France, gifted in Singapore and exchanged in Thailand.

Jo bought this belt in France. She gifted it to me in Singapore as a super early Christmas gift. And I exchanged it for a smaller belt size in Thailand because Hermes in Singapore don’t have my size.

Behold, the amazing magical Hermes reversible brown/black belt which brings us around the world.

We spent New Year Eve in Taipei city. This belt went along with us for the 7 days in Taipei.

I do like the fact that it is very versatile being reversible and such. So there is a choice of either a brown or a black depending on how I feel. The belt does come in the distinctive Hermes Blue/Grey. I would want to get that next.

It is a really pretty belt. But I do get the feeling that the magical belt is more of a look good belt rather than a hold up my pants belt.

But anyhow, it is a really lovely gift!

Thank you for the magical Hermes belt which brings us around the world.

Happy new year!

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