Reveals: Miu Miu Gathered Leather Bag in Denim

We were like people on a mission when we went to Taipei 101 and walked straight into Miu Miu to ask for this bag in Denim. After being told the price, I tried to do some mental calculations but we all know there is a reason why I’m not an accountant. The SA very kindly calculated the price we would be paying after the tax refund. She also showed us a list of the prices in Asia for comparison.

Suffice to say, my colleague is a happy person after saving some $250 for her new purchase. I don’t suppose the savings are as spectacular as buying it from Europe but the flight to Taipei sure is cheaper!

We were not the only ones in on this Miu Miu revelation since we saw 2 ladies boarding the same flight as us with four giant Miu Miu paperbags. I’m sure they were happy people too.

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