Reveals: Feiyue

Our dear friend brought us to this little shop in Shanghai to purchase shoes.

It was a little shop no wider than its doorway. Entirely easy to miss.

An original product of Shanghai, Feiyue has been around since the 1920s.

It is a very comfortable pair of shoes. Not surprising since it the prefered shoes for martial arts. Not that I will kick ass in it, but its great for walking the streets of Shanghai.

It costs 50 Euros in Europe but in China, you pay 12 Euros for it. Buy the real deal! Buy it in China!

Reveals: Goyard St Louis PM Blue

I love the details of a Goyard. The hand painted motifs are beautiful to look at. It almost like an art piece to admire.

In this part of the world, there are no Goyard stores yet. A friend went to London recently and I thought it would be fantastic to surprise Jo with a Goyard St Louis.

But somehow Jo with her psychic abilities knew that I was getting her something. So she wasn’t at all surprised but delightfully happy to own her first Goyard.

Reveals: Hermes Collier De Chien Ring in Black

Strange how the mechanics of how this world works.

Just when I thought that it is impossible to find a CDC ring in the store, I found it for sale in the Hermes store located at the Bangkok airport that very same morning.

A pity they had it in only one colour, black. But nonetheless, I bought what I could get my hands on. And was Jo super happy to see the orange.

So here is me wearing the CDC ring on my pinky. It still is the cutest thing ever.

Reveals: Marc by Marc Jacobs Bianca Clutch in Saffron Red

I chose Saffron Red instead of Caramel thinking it would be a lovely coral red as seen from photos. However, it turned out to be orange instead of the imaginary coral red. Truth be told, I was quite disappointed when I received the package and actually considered returning it.  However, paying for shipping to return it and re-ordering a caramel one seemed too much of a pain. Anyway I was reminded by Travelpac that I do not actually own an orange clutch and the colour is similar to those happy orange boxes we love.

Plus points – it is gigantic which means it fits a long wallet, keys, 2 blackberries and sunnies, the leather is really quite soft and I always like the fabric interiors in MBMJ’s bags.

Reveals: Celine Mini Luggage

I heard all the problems about this – too big, too heavy, water stains on the lambskin. I am pleased to say that it is actually smaller than I expected but still extremely roomy. The lambskin  is not crazy heavy but pretty comparable to a Balenciaga. Water stains are inevitable on the lambskin but it can be solved by waterproofing and praying that it doesn’t rain on your bag!

I really love how the bag looks like a face.

Reveals: Shida Market

I am in a hotel in Hanoi, lying under the comfort of the duvet, eating Hello Panda and watching TV and writing this at the same time.

Time flies. We’ve been back from Taiwan for 3 months. There was a night market that we both liked a lot. We liked it so much that we revisited it twice.

There was this particular stall along Shida in Taipei which sold these intricately crafted trinkets. And no, I wasn’t referring to the Tiffany. The Tiffany is for real and is one of the first gifts I gave to Jo.

I’m talking about the Peace bracelet. We thought it would go well with the Tiffany bracelet. And it did.

We also bought these funky skull & bone earrings from the same stall!

Reveals: Miu Miu Gathered Leather Bag in Denim

We were like people on a mission when we went to Taipei 101 and walked straight into Miu Miu to ask for this bag in Denim. After being told the price, I tried to do some mental calculations but we all know there is a reason why I’m not an accountant. The SA very kindly calculated the price we would be paying after the tax refund. She also showed us a list of the prices in Asia for comparison.

Suffice to say, my colleague is a happy person after saving some $250 for her new purchase. I don’t suppose the savings are as spectacular as buying it from Europe but the flight to Taipei sure is cheaper!

We were not the only ones in on this Miu Miu revelation since we saw 2 ladies boarding the same flight as us with four giant Miu Miu paperbags. I’m sure they were happy people too.

Reveals: Hermes Reversible Belt

The story of Christmas Hermes one is a short tale spanning 3 borders.

Bought in France, gifted in Singapore and exchanged in Thailand.

Jo bought this belt in France. She gifted it to me in Singapore as a super early Christmas gift. And I exchanged it for a smaller belt size in Thailand because Hermes in Singapore don’t have my size.

Behold, the amazing magical Hermes reversible brown/black belt which brings us around the world.

We spent New Year Eve in Taipei city. This belt went along with us for the 7 days in Taipei.

I do like the fact that it is very versatile being reversible and such. So there is a choice of either a brown or a black depending on how I feel. The belt does come in the distinctive Hermes Blue/Grey. I would want to get that next.

It is a really pretty belt. But I do get the feeling that the magical belt is more of a look good belt rather than a hold up my pants belt.

But anyhow, it is a really lovely gift!

Thank you for the magical Hermes belt which brings us around the world.

Happy new year!

Reveals: Longchamp Passport Holder


Falling in love should be like polaroids.

Jo and I spend our weekends sleeping in almost all the time. This is the bane of being such busy normal working people. We get tired at the end of a work week.

But on one unlikely Saturday, we were in town for something I can’t quite remember. But I do recall it as a super fruitful day of shopping.

Jo bought a pair of black heels which are never available in Ferragamo, and I bought this, a Longchamp passport holder.

It was by chance that we were walking pass the Longchamp counter at Takashimaya. Jo with a keen eye for details spotted this.

We stopped to look. They come in various colours but this orange shade stuck out as the one I liked best.

It was instant.

We bought it.

Am superbly pleased with it. It keeps my passport and cards in place much like how I want it to be. I’ve used it once going to Manila and it works great. And the most surprising bit is that its so inexpensive.

Awesome day it was!

Edit: Jo says it was my birthday that was why we were in town.